We pride ourselves on training graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from a variety of backgrounds. During the course of their time here, members of the lab acquire skills and fundamental knowledge in multiple disciplines. The goal of the lab is to produce broadly trained scientists who are as comfortables with developmental biology as they are with bioengineering and computational biology. As a result biologists have gone on to careers in data analysis and software development, and physicists and engineers have become part of the greater biology community.
The lab culture is supportive by design for biologists, physicists, statisticians, computational scientists and bioengineers. The people who have been most successful have been independent, have a broad interests and yet acquire a detailed knowledge of the problems they tackle.
We are part of the HSCRB (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Medical School), Molecular and Cellular Biology (Faculty of Arts and Sciences) and Applied Physics (John A. Paulson School of Engineering), and through these have access to a large number of spectacular colleagues with whom often we collaborate closely.